Your travel experience

Do you customize tours?

Yes, just let us know what’s in your mind and we will put all together for you!

I am a solo (single) traveler, how can I join your tour?

We can add solo travelers to a group if possible, or we can arrange a private trip for you.

Can you book airfares?

International flights no. We chose to not offer these within our package mostly because we would like to give you the possibility of choosing your own airline due to budget and travel duration preferences. We can imagine some would like to fly directly while others don’t mind to pay less but travel longer.
Domestic flights, yes these are included in the price.

What is the water temperature in Zanzibar?

The Indian Ocean which surrounds Zanzibar is wonderfully warm all year around, averaging about 27° C/ 80° F.

Is Zanzibar safe?

Zanzibar is predominantly very safe, however exercise caution just like anywhere and book your tours with us or through other registered tour operators only.

What is the local currency and how should we manage carrying our money?

The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling but US Dollars are widely accepted. Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, but not at many shops and certainly not at the local markets. Be prepared to pay a surcharge between 5% - 10% if paying by credit card.

Is malaria a risk in Tanzania? Do I need any special health certificates?

Yes. You will need to consult your doctor about anti-malaria medication. Check with your local health authority for any vaccination requirements. E.g. Yellow fever.

Your stay at Mwanza Lake View Farm

Can we leave excess luggage behind while on safari or Kilimanjaro?

We can keep your luggage for your until you leave on the day of your checkout at no charge.

Do you accommodate people with dietary restrictions?

Vegetarian and other special diets can be accommodated. Please let us know ahead of time.

Do you offer all inclusive?

No. we offer bed & breakfast, half board and full board only.

Are the rates for Mwanza Lake View Farm per room or per person per night?

Per room per night

Is there only a ferry or are there other possibilities to reach Mwanza city: We have our own boat so with a small group you can travel with us. For bigger groups more than 6 people, we recommend the ferry and lastly a taxi/car.

What excursions and water sports are available?

These are all listed on our website within the activities section under SSF Travel > Mwanza Lake View Farm.

How do I pay for the lodge?

You can pay and book directly through our booking website which is the easiest and recommended. However, it is also possible to pay cash upon arrival.


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