About us

Everyone deserves an equal chance

Founded in the year 2012, Support School Fees Foundation (SSF) currently works with other organizations in Sengerema District of Mwanza Region to reduce the effect of poverty in one of the poorest areas of Tanzania. We provide children with a fair chance for the future by expanding their access to educational facilities and availability of learning resources. Also supporting the community by building roads, water wells and empowering women.



Our History

For 10 years, we have continuously worked on improving the quality of life and education in Tanzania. More specifically, in Sengerema District of Mwanza.


Our Mission

People in the local community should be self reliant economically and socially to have a stable and comfortable life. Children and youngsters can go to school without problems and experience a stable education with opportunities to growth.



Despite the challenges we face, together with our support family in the Sengerema District and The Netherlands, our will, and daily efforts in creating a better current and future in Tanzania are growing stronger every project.

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Founder and Board Member

Sylvian Nijhuis

I am involved in my work to take education in Tanzania to a higher level. Because of my passion for the African continent, especially East Africa, this choice was quickly made. From the first travel experience years ago to Zimbabwe, the many safaris afterwards, this continent continues to attract me. So when I was asked to work in Tanzania to give children a chance for a good education, I didn't have to think twice. It's nice to be able to do something for others in a different way.

Board Member

Najib Isa Kabuye

I grew up in an environment with a lot of injustices and inequality, so I made it a goal to change the world and since 2007 I have worked to that effect. Education is a basic human right and SSF is giving a chance to those without.

Board Member

Pauline Maria Rebel

In the Netherlands I have a gym with 1500 children who have a good life, they workout, go to school and have a chance for a good future. All children are entitled to that, so when Sylvian asked if I wanted to help with SSF I immediately said yes. The opportunity to help underprivileged children have a better future.


Angeli van de Kerkhof

For years I traveled through Tanzania and for some time the country became my home. With my daughter Bouke I climbed Kilimanjaro when she was 10 years old. Throughout the past years I have supported SSF with my travel agency; Angeli Travel. I am glad to have been able to help Sylvian realize the charity trips so far and hope to support them with their future projects. Although I am only a part of the organization, I am proud to be of help to SSF as I know the good of the foundation and the passion they have for the country and people.


Baraka Mkumbo

I live in Sengerema district and its very important for SSF to work together with a local NGO like Safe Space focussing on students, education and womens empowerment. My contribution is to connect the community in Sengerema with SSF and to find where as well as what work is needed. If more youth is educated they will face and  solve all challenges.


Berry van Kollem

Everyone has the right to education, I was able to study in a safe environment with all the necessary recourses. This should also be possible in Tanzania. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and hope more people will stand behind our work and join us or support the local people and economy.


Medie van Veen

I have been volunteering for SSF as part of marketing and operations. When I first started I immediately noticed how involved Sylvian is in everything; the work, chances and new developments. It grew my ambition to strengthen SSF and I am proud to be able to work together specifically with this non-profit organization. Meeting local foundations and the community in Tanzania really showcased how closely integrated the processes of the foundation are.


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