Non-profit Traveling

Because of the very warm contacts we have with "Angeli travel" these trips are charged to you 1 on 1.
On top of this we ask a donation for "Support School Fees" foundation.

Are you looking for a special trip that also has an impact on the local population? Then travel to Tanzania and sponsor SSF with our work.

Each trip can be tailor-made.

Non-profit student experience

12-day experience in and around the Sengerema district of Mwanza. Journey through the local community and head over to...

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Non-profit group experience

12-day journey through the beautiful Tanzania. Visit the different national parks and experience local life in the Sengerema district through workshop and our projects.

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Non-profit luxury experience

18 days around Tanzania, a luxurious and relaxing way of exploring the various aspects the country has to offer...

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Non-profit Kilimanjaro adventure

A 6-day journey to the top. Are you ready to climb the renowned mountain with us? As you hike to...

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